Thursday, August 7, 2008

Football Schedule W's & L's

As do most people who cover a specific football team both professionally and in the college ranks, it is always a fun exercise to take a look at the schedule and predict W's and L's before the season starts.

Steak here, to lay out my W's & L's for the season:

08/30/08 vs. Delaware --> W

09/06/08 at Middle Tennessee State --> W

09/13/08 vs. California --> L

09/20/08 vs. Eastern Michigan
--> W

09/27/08 at Clemson --> L

10/04/08 at Virginia --> W

10/18/08 vs. Wake Forest --> L

10/25/08 vs. North Carolina State (Homecoming) --> W

11/06/08 at Virginia Tech --> L

11/15/08 vs. North Carolina --> W

11/22/08 vs. Florida State
--> W

11/29/08 at Boston College --> W

Wow, So I have them at 8-4. Did not really realize that one. Hey, to quote Kevin Garnett, "ANYTHING'S POSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

I actually think that the VT game could be the surprise Win of the year, but I am gonna play safe to begin with and of course until we find out who is starting for the Terps.

We will have to get the predictions of Curry & Crab as well.

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