Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ACC Hate-O-Meter

On ESPN.com they are running some rankings of the most hated College Football Programs across the country. Heather Dinich is the blogger for the ACC and she presented her rankings of the most hated programs in the ACC:

I warned you. Today is trash talkin' Tuesday. Here's your chance to weigh
in. But first, digest this: The most hated teams in the ACC, ranked from most to
least, based on things seen, read and heard over the years.

1. Miami -- They've got the tradition, the swagger and the

2. Florida State -- Opponents hate them because they dominated the
league and the TV ratings for so long, and their own fans hate them when they
lose. Remember the clamoring for the dismissal of Jeff Bowden? Way to show the

3. Virginia Tech -- The Hokies came into the ACC and won two titles in
four years. And even when they're down, they're predicted to win. And just being
associated with Michael Vick is a public relations nightmare.

4. Clemson -- The Tigers make their own fans so frustrated they can't
see straight sometimes. And FSU fans haven't exactly looked forward to the
Bowden Bowl in recent years.

5. Virginia -- Even the Cavaliers' own fans have called for the firing
of Al Groh on numerous occasions, and those outside the program love to rip on
the preppy fans.

6. Maryland -- This is still a basketball school, and opposing fans
throughout the league have carried that venom for Gary Williams into Byrd

7. Boston College -- Maybe it's that smug Northeastern mentality that
can sometimes be as frosty as the weather. Or the fact these guys are Yankee
winners who took some of the spotlight away from an otherwise "southern"

8. Georgia Tech -- The Yellow Jackets have been just good enough to
ruin somebody's party, and some outsiders knock 'em for being

9. NC State -- Most of the hate here comes from No. 10. It could also
be because of Julius Hodge and Chuck Amato, two brash and outgoing

10. North Carolina -- Most of the hate here comes from No. 9. Well,
that, and the fact everyone is sick about hearing how the Tar Heels are actually
going to be good soon.

11. Wake Forest -- Good luck trying to find one bad word about Jim
Grobe. Then again, fans hate it when somebody plays by the rules AND wins.

12. Duke -- How could you feel anything but sorry for these guys? The
only reason to dislike Duke if you're an ACC fan is because their losses pull
the conference down like a lead weight. Good grief, last in even the

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