Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Q & A with Da'rel Scott

The University of Maryland recently ran a question and answer with Terp's Running Back Da'Rel Scott. The article can be found here.

What did you learn from playing with former Maryland running backs Lance
Ball and Keon Lattimore?
"I learned a lot of things. They helped me mature
with my footsteps, with seeing the holes and just staying in the game. They
helped me with being mentally ready because it's a big jump from high school to

What have you been up to this summer?
"Just working out. I'm trying
to get my legs stronger. I've been taking classes, too. My anatomy class is
killing me. This past summer session was pretty much all about my summer

Walk us through your daily routine.
"I wake up, go to my lab for my
anatomy class, work out, go back to anatomy class, then I have to work out
again. I had to split up my workouts because of class, since it's pretty much
two classes. It's four credits with the lab and the class."

How are workouts going this summer?
"They're going really well. I'm
just trying to get better. I'm just working out with the team and trying to make
them better as well."

Are there any games you are looking forward to in particular?
"All of

Would you say that the summer schedule is easier or harder than the fall
"I think it's harder now because it's a lot more aggressive now
because we're trying to get better. During the season, we're maintaining."

How have things changed under the new offensive coordinator, James
"Things are going really well. I have a good relationship with him
because he recruited me when I was in high school. He's made a good amount of
changes. The running style is different. I like this style a lot better because
we run a lot of off-tackle stuff. Since I'm an outside running back, it's more
my style."

Upcoming key dates:

Aug. 2 - Freshmen report to campus

Aug. 3 - Varsity reports to campus

Aug. 4 - Football preseason camp opens/Media Day

Aug. 30 - Season opener vs. Delaware

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