Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blake & Hayes

Remember those instant comparisons of Eric Hayes to Steve Blake as soon as Hayes was recruited by Gary Williams to play at Maryland?

Well according to a report at, Hayes will be spending 10 days in Portland to practice and be tutored by Steve Blake on running the point and running the Maryland offense.

"So when looking for someone to teach him more about running Maryland's offense,
playing the point or even preparing for the NBA, it made perfect sense for the
Potomac High School graduate to enlist the services of Steve Blake. "He's got
the same type of game I have," said Hayes, who leaves Tuesday to spend 10 days
working out with Blake in Portland, where Blake plays for the NBA's Trail
Blazers. "He brings the same athleticism to his game like the way I play. He
made it to the NBA with what he had. I can try and pick up some pointers and
possibly do it myself."

Hopefully this practice session between Maryland past and future results in Hayes improving his distribution skill set and also his leadership skills as him and Vasquez will be relied on heavily to lead the team this season as the veterans. You can read the entire article here.

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