Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ask and you shall receive. Well, I asked for a victory in Death Valley and I received one. Although things did not look promising after the first half where the Terps looked left for dead going into halftime down 17-6. The defense allowed close to 200 yards rushing and Spiller and Davis looked "un-tackle-able".

Things turned around though, was it a pep talk by the coach at the half? Was it a veteran leader stepping up and getting his team riled up? Or perhaps it was the realization that there was still a chance to steal a game on the road and set the tempo for the ACC season.

Heyward-Bey ripped off a 76 yard sprint to shift the momentum and countless receivers contributed with 6 different guys getting into the action. One interesting thing to note, Heyward-Bey did not account for a reception in the game.

What exactly happened to the Clemson offense in the 2nd half? They had zero points and did not pose much of a threat after halftime. I know for one thing for sure though, the Terp's d showed some heart and passion. Personally, I love the linebacking group that lines up every game. The secondary has it's moments as well.
Who deserves the gameball for this game? Well I think it has to be split between Chris Turner for showing poise and accuracy and also the defense for stepping up to the challenege in the second half and slowing down a dyanic running duo.
Now let's carry on this momentum to an inferior team, the Wahoos of Virginia or whatever they call themselves these days.

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