Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fast Start in the ACC is CRUCIAL

So here we are, the start of the ACC season for the Terps and what should we expect? Well for one, a lot of balance. The preseason favorite, Clemson was ranked #9 in the preseason polls and was just as quickly knocked out of the rankings by 'Bama. Other perennial teams like Virignia Tech, Florida State and Miami aren't going to scare anyone this season. Wake Forest looks like the strongest of the bunch at this point.

So what does this all mean? Well a FAST start in the ACC is CRUCIAL. Convienantly enough the Terps ACC season starts with the orange and purple of Clemson in Death Valley, the preseason favorite. So what better way to prevent the 1-4 ACC start of last season rearing its ugly head once again this season than to defeat Clemson in Death Valley.

The key to the game will be to slow down the combo of Spiller and Davis, while getting Green and Scott rolling for the Terps.

In my opinion, The Terps ACC schedule is pretty friendly outside of the Thursday night clash in Blacksburg against the Hokies of VT. The ACC is definitely up for the grabs and if the offense that appears against CAL and Eastern Michigan appears more than the offense that was present for Delaware and Middle Tennessee State, then the Terps should do just fine. However, if it doesn't it could be a long season.

Once again, a fast start is crucial especially against preseason favorite Clemson.


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