Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Former recruit should stick to his Day Job...

Summer league camps and games have opened up for the Tennessee Vols and new recruit, point guard Bobby Maze has apparently made quiet an impression. (For those who do not know, Maze was once a commitment for the upcoming Maryland Terp season, but was not able to hold onto the commitment because of certain reasons). He has a grasp on the starting point guard gig for the upcoming season after impressing a lot of the local media.

"Although he only scored 14 points, Maze delivered nine assists and showed a great ability to penetrate the lane and find the open man.
Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Maze was, in warm-ups he was taking mid-range jumpers and nailing them. Far too many modern players neglect the mid-range game in favor of jacking up ill-advised threes. Maze looked content to shoot the 15-footer, and he looked proficient at doing it. That's something UT needs." - The Mountain Press

However, the reason for bringing up the fellow Maze is because of the rap and youtube video that has recently appeared. In light of Shaq's freestyle on Kobe, I figured it would be an entertaining post to add the piece of art by Bobby Maze or should I say B. MAZE AKA BE AMAZED.

- Steak

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