Monday, June 23, 2008

Some People Never Learn and Some Feuds Never Die

Ladies and gentlemen, Don Imus is back at it. This morning on his radio show Imus was in a long and of course deep conversation about Adam “Pacman” Jones and his various run-ins with law enforcement. During his co-host’s explanation about Pacman’s night club incident Imus can be heard asking his co-host what color Pacman is. The reply was that Pacman is an African American to which the ever so eloquent Imus can be heard saying, “Well, there you go."

The audio clip can be heard here....

Now to some this may not seem to be a very serious transgression, but keep in mind this is not the first time Imus has said something inappropriate on the air. His “nappy headed hoes” remark caused a public outcry which led to his temporary suspension from the radio. I don’t know about the rest of you but I think enough is enough. This guy doesn’t deserve to be on the air anymore talking about sports or anything for that matter. Its sad that he was given a second chance and yet again his racist sentiment came out during a live show.

In other news....

The hottest new rapper in the streets right now is not Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, or even Kanye West. It’s the diesel himself, Shaquille O’Neal who has been making headlines with his new freestyle rap. In most rap songs the artist has a victim who he “disses” constantly and poetically. In Shaq’s new rap this individual is none other than the NBA’s MVP Kobe Bryant. "You know how I be," Shaq rapped. "Last week Kobe couldn't do without me." This is just a small excerpt from the soon to be grammy winning rap that Shaq performed in front of a live audience in a Phoenix nightclub. Throughout the whole song O’Neal can be heard making fun of Kobe and his inability to win a championship without him. Shaq also sang about how Kobe (during his rape trial) ruined his marriage by alleging that he had been with different women while married and paid these women up to $1 million in hush money. The video can be seen here on our blog:

O'Neal denies that the freestyle was meant to be a diss but more of him just joking around. He says in freestyling it's all in fun and in no way meant to harm Kobe. Well if those of you reading this blog have watched the video clip I think its safe to say this will not be taken as a joke. His raps were offensive and the fact that he is trying to play this off as a joke is even more rediculous than the rap itself. It will be interesting to see what Kobe is going to do about this rap. He may have to hit the studio to come up with his own diss on the Big Cactus. Either way, it's still pathetic and annoying to see two grown men bicker like little kids. And if you ask me, Shaq should be spending more time in the gym working on his conditioning then in nightclubs performing raps.


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