Sunday, June 15, 2008

A memorable U.S. Open.... right?

So i have just finished watching the U.S. Open on a relaxing Sunday night. And what more could you ask for when watching golf on a warm summers night? You have Rocco Mediate, having to qualify for the Open over the last couple of weeks, 46 years old, plays the best four rounds of golf of his entire life, and finishes one under and in position to win the U.S. Open (at this point you don't even need to play the oldest player to win the Open or oldest player to win his first major card.) But then there was Tiger, one shot behind the clubhouse and overall leader going into the 72nd hole at a major tournament. In one of the most dramatic finishes in recent major history, Tiger hits it in the rough, lays up, and goes up and down to tie Mediate. It was golf at its greatest. The feel good story of the long shot on the verge of his first career major championship being stopped by arguably the most prolific golfer of all time to force a playoff. The PGA tour couldn't have asked for anything more. On Fathers Day, when everyone is home spending time with their families, relaxing in the family room, the PGA has a playoff between the most recognizable figure in sports and the player who has no right being there with him. Personally, I felt as if I was watching game 7 of the World Series and going to extra innings. The PGA was in a win-win situation no matter who came out on top. But in a single sentence it was gone. The excitement, the energy, the feeling you were watching history... all gone.

"Tomorrow these two players will meet for an 18 hole playoff..."

Please, someone tell me this isn't true. Someone must have made a mistake. How could NBC and the PGA postpone this event for an episode of SNL no one will watch. It was so easy, just bring Rocco and Tiger out to the first tee box and have a playoff. You have every father in America watching this major and their families gathered around to spend time with them on Father's Day. You have the feel good story and the best golfer in the world tied after 72 holes. It was a gift delivered to the PGA. They would have the most talked about sporting event of the weekend, even while the Euro Cup, NBA Finals, and inter-league play were going on. But in the same fashion that Bud Selig ended the 2002 all-star game, the PGA postpones the playoff until Monday. And to make it worse, it will start at 12 P.M. eastern time. Unfortunately for the PGA (and more so for the fans) the world can't take off tomorrow. The playoff will go viewed by a select few that will be lucky enough to call out sick, or take a four and a half hour lunch. I for one will be at work, sitting at my desk, feeling like I turned off a movie in the last 10 minutes and will read about the ending later the next day. Disappointment, disbelief, unfulfilled... not the adjectives you would expect to describe how you feel when Tiger sinks a put to force a playoff. But thats how America was left feeling on this Father's Day. A great event, postponed to the middle of a Monday, left to read about history rather than watching it.


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Steak said...

What happens if after the first 5 holes, Tiger is up by 4 strokes already? The drama and interest will be gone rather quickly.